"Transforming CHARACTER, building CAREER and enhancing CREATIVITY of every student is the mission of IBS for a real world impact in social and economic transformation. IBS is committed to empowering the broken youth of India by providing intellectual, professional and technological expertise through higher education so they become responsible citizens and effective leaders."


Dear Friends,



Immanuel Business School is overflowing with activities at the moment. With ICET exams declared and the new admissions in process, it is springtime at the campus. 

We just ended a very successful education tour to the Northeast and Northwest, covering Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Rajasthan and Punjab. With many more Career Guidance Seminars lined up in Telangana and Odisha, we are expecting a huge turnout for MBA this year. 

But we want to inform all our visitors that our intake is only 60 per year. Those looking for an admission at IBS to take advantage of its rich offering on campus therefore have to rush their applications. 

Here are a few things that could help you understand why IBS is the clear choice to so many for management studies at post graduate level.


We stand for International exposures 

Located in the eastern suburbs of Hyderabad, IBS strives consistently to benchmark with the best. The kind of international exposures we offer to our students can be matched only by a few colleges in the country. 

In addition to our well qualified faculty members, foreign professors are invited to teach every semester. Hundreds of overseas students visit our campus every year to learn from Indian business and culture. These coveted foreign connections prepare our students not just academically but bring in extra confidence to communicate with native English speakers with ease and comfort when they travel abroad on educational tours or face an interview in the corporates. 

We also facilitate foreign trips for our students and faculty every year. This has been possible because IBS has become an official partner of many foreign Universities including Spring Arbor University, Michigan; Seattle Pacific University, Washington; and Greenville College, Illinois.


We stand for high standard character building

When students step into IBS campus, we treat them as our children. We want to make sure their character is transformed, their creativity enhanced and they are carefully guided into a career. 100 per cent of our graduates in 2014 have landed jobs in many multi-national companies.


We stand for individual attention

In all our programs, personal attention is the key to improvement; every student is known by his/her name. Our unique approach to career management focuses on the students, their background and their post-MBA goals.


We stand for University Vision

When you enter Immanuel Business School today, you are not just entering a Post Graduate College campus. The vision is bigger – it will be Immanuel University one day! You will witness several other Master’s level programs added from this year like B. Ed, MSW, Mass Communication, etc.


We stand for most affordable options

Our total on-campus tuition cost is as low as Rs.75,000 per year (only Rs.37,500 per semester), making IBS perhaps the most affordable option among the top ranking colleges. We also provide scholarships to poor, deserving students.


We stand for superior choice

See for yourself why IBS is a superior choice for your education in management leadership. Please visit our website at www.ibssolipet.com to register for 2015 MBA, schedule a campus visit or sign up for career guidance classes.

You may also call our student counselors on these numbers: 770 20 55 677/ 770 20 55 399/ 040-27175308. Or email your request to: ibssolipet@gmail.com


Thank you for choosing IBS.


With Regards,

Bishop Joab Lohara, Ph. D.

Founding Chairman

Immanuel Academy of Science and Technology

Bishop, Free Methodist Church of India

President, Free Methodist World Council

FoundingPresident, AIM ASIA

Founding President, Calvary Commission India

Fouding President, Immanuel Semniary & Research Center

Email: president@ibssolipet.com

Please contact IBS Administrative Office for more information:

Admissions: 770 20 55 399, 770 20 55 677

City Office: 040 - 2717 5308

Email: info@ibssolipet.com

At IBS, World Class Education

Comes to Your Doorstep!

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Dear Friends,
Namaste! Welcome to the official websit of Immanuel Academy!

Scholarships are available to deserving students from Dicku Memorial Scholarhip Fund. Students are advised to meet the Principal and submit their request in writing. Scholarship form may be downloaded from this website.


Hostel facility is available to students who want stay in campus and focus more on their studies. They can also avail more time at our library and connect online resources


IBS is dedicated to serving the minority students and promoting an environment that creates intellectual curiosity, pursuit of knowledge and academic freedom. Our primary concern is to give a facelift to the oppressed, marginalized communities by empowering them through higher education.

MBA program is not our end of the world. We plan to develop IBS into a University with programs like Education, Social Work, Hotel Management, Mass Communication, Economics, etc.


As the president of IBS and a Bishop of the Church, I want to assure the parents that your son will be like my son and your daughter will be like my daughter when they are in the campus.

The Board of Governors will personally take the responsibility of helping them discover a whole new world of learning to be independent thinkers and effective leaders.

MBA program is not our end of the world. We plan to develop IBS into a University with programs like Education, Social Work, Hotel Management, Mass Communication, Economics, etc.

  • We would love to see them soon in the campus.
  • With hope,
  • Bishop Dr. Joab Lohara, Ph. D.
  • President.

Please contact IBS Administrative Office for more information:

Admissions: 770 20 55 399, 770 20 55 677

City Office: 040 - 2717 5308, 94406 91108

Email: info@ibssolipet.com

At IBS, World Class Education

Comes to Your Doorstep!


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CELEBRATION HALL, Our New Auditorium! 

   Inaguration and commissioning of our new auditorium 'CELEBRATION HALL'!




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Our first batch of students graduating this year had the privilege of being interviewed at IBS Campus for positions in various organisations including Genpact, Google, Fiserve, 247 Customer, Cognizant etc. We proudly congratulate our successful students who are now placed or are in the process of taking up their first assignment in these Multinationals.

Mr.Anvesh (Head-Recruitment, 247 Customer, Hyderabad) being received by our students.
Mr.Chaitanya (Director – Hucon Consulting Group) addressing the students.
A group discussion in process…….
Students taking a breather…...
An online test in process……
A personal interview in process…….
Tired but excited and jubilant students after the interviews……






If you are joing IBS this year, it is going to be a real academic treat for you right away in the beginning of the very first semester to sit under the teaching of an International Business Guru.

Professor James Coe of Spring Arbor University, USA, is scheduled to visit IBS from 24 – 30 November 2014.

A Professor of Business, James Coe has taught Autonomous Learning, International Business and Business Ethics for 20 years. During his educational journey, he has served as the Business Department Chair of Taylor University, Indiana and Dean of Gainy School of Business, Spring Arbor University, Michigan. He has also directed a collaborative Business Program with a large Russian State University in Nizhny Novgorod.

He is a sought-after speaker at international symposia and conferences. His published works include “Global Business Leadership” and “Managing to Create an Enterprise”.

Dr. Coe is honored with Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award for 2006 at Regent University and placed in PRINCETON WHO’S WHO of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs, 2009. Among his other honors is the Pushkin Award for Education from Boldino, Russia. 

Dr. Coe has a Master’s in Human Resource Management from National- Louis, Additional Post Graduate Study in International Business at Oxford and a Ph. D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University.

It would be a great honor and a rare opportunity for the MBA students and the faculty to learn from this stalwart academician.






Jared Hill, Director of Global Operations, Tedford/Tellico Inc., U.S.A. is at IBS for the last two days. Jared arrived here on July 9, 2014 and taught the MBA students on International Business. Q & A sessions with him were of enormous interest. He fielded questions on a number of issues relating to global business and American culture.

After his time at IBS, Jared will be going to see his wife in New Delhi who is involved in training the staff of Accenture. What a connection! Through Jared and his wife, IBS has now access to two more MNCs: Tedford/Tellico and Accenture.

Thank you, Jared!

True to our promise, we bring world class education to your doorstep.

Among other professors who will be visiting IBS this year are Professor Chandra in September from Westmont College, California and Professor James Coe in November from Spring Arbor University, Michigan, USA.

It would be a rare opportunity for any Business School to hear these Management Gurus.

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The construction work in progess. The first floor roof is laid and the building is scheduledto be completed well before the admission forEducation program in October. Thanks to allthose who are in involved in making this happen





January 23, 2014. After the Board Meeting at Hotel Royal Reve, Secunderabad, all the Board Members of Immanuel Academy of Higher Education joined the campus community for the ground breaking of McKenna College of Education.

The Academy Board has resolved to name the College of Educaiton for Dr.David and Janet McKenna, giants in American Education System. While Janet is an educator, Dave has served as the President of three Universities in his life time: Asbury Seminary, Spring Arbor University and Seattle Pacific University in USA. Their life's emphasis has been to impart incarnational higher education to today's world.

Dave is 86; he could not come for the ground breaking. But his son who is an entrepruener and a business professor flew down to Hyderabad along with David Goodnight, President of Friends of Immanuel University to participate in the ground breaking of the College dedicated to his parents.

The building work is slated to be completed by May 2014 and after accreditation, the first cohort of B. Ed students will be taken in July 2014.

There was an overflow of joy in the campus of Immanuel Academy on reaching another mile stone in our journey towards becoming a University. The feeling was simply awesome! Our vision remains unchanged. We would continue to empower the destitute youth through higher education.





On the day that the students and faculty of Spring Arbor University left the campus, David Goodnight and Rob McKenna with 5 students of Seattle Pacific University, USA arrived at Immanuel Academy. It has been a great time of learning for our business students in the very first month of the year. True to our promise, we bring world class education to your doorstep.

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A Contingents of 20 graduate students and two professors from Spring Arbor University, U.S.A. arrived at the Immanuel Academy on January 10, 2014. The new Residence Hall in the campus has served well for their stay. Academy students received them in the morning and rightaway a connection has been built up.

The foreign students are keen on learning Indian culture, and the history of the land. It has been a huge opportunity for our students to interact with them, know their culture, study together and of course play some cricket.




I would personally like to thank Bishop Lohara for the privilege of teaching at IBS. It is very exciting to see what God is doing through this new school. The new guest house for visiting professors is very nice and made our stay comfortable. I have worked with many schools and seminaries around the world and the hospitality was second to none. God is moving at IBS in an amazing way and I hope that God gives me the opportunity to teach here again in the future. 

Todd Marshall, Ph.D. 

Dean of SAUonline

Spring Arbor University, U.S.A.

It was a pleasure to teach at Immanuel Business School for a week in the inaugural MBA classes and speak in special seminars. I observed and taught a class of MBA students with great potential who demonstrated an extraordinary desire to learn which is refreshing. The Immanuel Business School is to be congratulated in not only starting the first MBA class of qualified students this fall but also in creating two outstanding seminars for business leaders and owners. This new college with its administration, faculty, and staff should be recognized for its entry into the business academy with much demonstrated expertise and for its potential of becoming a premier business college in India. 

James Coe, Ph. D. 

Professor of Business

Spring Arbor University, U.S.A.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Bishop Lohara, President of IBS, for an outstanding experience with my stay in Hyderabab, India. I was treated with utmost dignity and respect, from their warm greeting at the Hyderabab airport to my final day going home. The entire staff at IBS not only met my needs, but they exceeded them. I felt safe and comfortable in every aspect at my stay in India, especially at their guest house. On a special note, our chef did an outstanding job preparing and serving all of our meals in a variety and professional fashion. The teaching and lecturing experiences provided me the opportunity not only to interact with students, businessmen and leaders but an insight for me to understand the Indian culture. Being my first “real” exposure to India I would welcome the opportunity to come back and teach again at IBS. God Bless Bishop Lohara, his family and staff for making this teaching more than an “experience”, but a truly “meaningful” event 

James Liddy, Ph.D.

Statistical Guru,





16 MAY 2012. IMMANUEL BUSINESS SCHOOL, an MBA College for Minorities, was inaugurated at Solipet, 30 kms northeast of Hyderabad at 7:00 PM.

The evening pulsated with enormous activities. From the ribbon cutting at the main gate to the unveiling of inaugural stone at IBS building, there were several stops for the parade to engage in unfurling the University banner, cutting the ribbon at college cafeteria, multipurpose building, library, computer lab, etc.

Among special Guests of Honor who were present on the occasion were the Member of Legislative AssemblySmt. Christine Lazarus, Bishop Zachariah and President of Friends of Immanuel University Dr. David R. Goodnight and Patrick Patterson of U.S.A. The 10-acres IBS campus was beautifully lit with colorful lights for the grand inauguration. Patrick Patterson cut the ribbon at the main entrance, and Dr. David Goodnight unfurled the University flag. The colorfully dressed band then moved on the parade to University cafeteria where Smt. Christine Lazarus cut the ribbon to declare it open By then thousands of people had gathered in the campus with media crowding the portico area of MBA block to capture the moment when Bishop Joab Lohara, Bishop of Immanuel Conference and Vice President of Free Methodist World Conference unveiled the inaugural stone.

A live music band enthralled the audience that comprised ofresidents from and around Solipet, visitors from the city, academicians, political and Christian leaders, and government officials. Senior girls from Immanuel Children’s Home performed the welcome dance. The program ended with a love feast given in memory of Dinesh Gaurav, eldest son of Bishop Lohara. Prior to this, Dr. David Goodnight delivered a very meaningful 5-point message on how a Christian University should be.

Immanuel Business School is a Post Graduate College of Business. The vision is to develop IBS into a technical campus and then grow up to be a university with a mission to empower the broken youth of India through higher education.


7 Reasons why you should choose IBS


1. It is a low cost Business School with high quality education. Our vision is to make you an achiever, not just a dreamer!

2. At IBS, profit-making is not the emphasis; the emphasis is rather laid on quality of education. It is a place where conscious effort is made to develop character, enhance creativity and build a career.

3. IBS is a world class learning center. Students have the opportunity to learn from and interact with high ranking visiting Professors from overseas throughout the year.

4. Overseas study tours, scholarships and grants are considered to help students pursue higher education. Our hostel facility offers subdized lodge and board.

5. IBS faculty have the expertise not just to teach from text books but to offer tools to be independent thinkers and developers.

6. IBS is committed to offering a cutting edge learning experience that has a real world impact in economic and social transformation.

7. IBS campus has an environment that honors everyone regardless of gender, color or creed.


Please contact IBS Administrative Office for more information:

Admissions: 770 20 55 399, 770 20 55 677

City Office: 040 - 2717 5308, 94406 91108

Email: info@ibssolipet.com

At IBS, World Class Education

Comes to Your Doorstep!

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