"Building CHARACTER with CONFIDENCE and CREATIVITY is the mission of IBS for a real world impact in social and economic transformation. IBS is committed to empowering the youth of India by providing intellectual, professional and technological expertise through higher education so they become responsible citizens and effective leaders."










Please Take a close look at the picture above.  If you are familiar 

with IBS, you might recognize many of them, or all of them. They

are our heroes! Our Pride! They attended our recent Student

Event held in IBS campus.  


For those who are not familiar with the achievement of our 

students, here are just a few names and where they are placed: 

Rajkishore Khosla, Micro IntellectKranti Kumar, UBER

Operations Aishwarya, TATA Consultancy; Suman Peddapalli,

GenpactAnupam Jena, Cognizant; Abdon Pani, Deloitte;

Utkalika Behera, APCO in India;Jerusha, Hinduja Global; Sabir

Kumar, Vijay ElecticalSujit Kumar, InLife Pharma Ltd; Saurav

Naik, Fox Ad Media; Ashish Ranjan, Franklin Templeton; Nitish

Kumar,  Mars Telecom; Pradat Jena, Hinduja Global; Premson,

AJR Info System; Subhendu Naik, Cigniti TechnologyNasib

Nayak, Apollo Marketing; and Aradhana Khan, Hinduja Global. 


IBS is designed to provide an environment for global learning and 

to produce employable graduates.  100% placement record

speaks of our commitment to world class education and of our

testimony to academic viability.  


Admissions are open. Talk to us about how you can be a part of 

this premier MBA College. 



PLEASE CALL NOW: +91 924 720 9095

CORPORATE OFFICE: 040-27175308

 Email: ibssolipet@gmail.com










PLEASE CALL NOW: +91 924 720 9095

CORPORATE OFFICE: 040-27175308


 Email: ibssolipet@gmail.com












  "What's in your repertoire?" - Your employer is going to ask you this question at some point in your career, someday?    

It is for this reason, We at IBS are seriously concerned about producing employable business graduates.  

Having been associated with B-schools and corporate houses across the globe, we know exactly what the employers are looking for: people who can enhance the success of an organization, not just do the functions of a job. 




We have developed life skills that go beyond a typical college class. We offer our students to understand the context of their education and the realities of a global marketplace.  

The importance of integrating soft and hard skills is THEREFORE on the top of our agenda so that our students learn to weave soft skills into their life and education. 

WE have an excellent contingent of highly qualified faculty and extremely helpful staff. While the very dynamic Dr. Sandra Kirthy continues to be the Principal, the campus has a new provost in Dr. Ravirakula Jabez. With the help of our teaching and administrative staff, they have been doing a tremendous job to ensure that our bench mark is set higher. 

 All the parents and the students must understand that we spend huge amounts of money for faculty salaries, food, administration, buildings, sports, conferences, foreign visits, campus maintenance, etc. Whereas fees we collect are very negligible – it can’t even pay the salary of one staff. But our joy has been to see economically weak students acquire a degree in management and get into a career.


We work very hard on those students who cannot speak English well. We engage special language teachers.  We enlighten them with soft skills and send them to visit foreign universities, corporate houses and business firms. 

We invite foreign professors and students to our campus, so our students can interact with them and learn from each other. We engage them to write articles and do presentations.  They participate in debates, and inter-collegiate competitions. 

 Each one of our faculty and staff mentors 3-5 students all through the program. All these are a part of our endeavor to create a brand. 

 No wonder, many of our students get placements while they are in the last semester of their MBA. We can really boast of those who have made it to companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Hinduja Global Services, Cognizant, Amazon.com, etc. 





 Those who are intending to take admission in 2018-19, it would be encouraging for them to know that we have created a loan fund and a scholarship fund. We invite your applications right away to avail this benefit and to know much ahead of time that you are eligible.

 It is a fabulous educational opportunity at IBS. Do not miss it. If you choose IBS, we will put you through a gateway to the Business World. 


Dr. Joab Lohara, Ph D 



Please contact IBS Administrative Office for more information:

 Admissions: 770 20 55 677, 770 20 55 399

City Office: 040 - 2717 5308

Email: ibssolipet@gmail.com








The rains in the region have made IBS campus all the more beautiful – greenery everywhere.  We are planning to plant some 1000 saplings in the 20 acre campus during July, thanks to the general supply of plants by MDO, Bommallaramaram.

2017 admissions have begun. If you are a prospective MBA student, take the first opportunity, enroll yourself immediately.

When a student decides to join IBS, the first thing we tell him is to get his passport. It is because international exposure and placement is our top most priority. We send the top ranking students every year to our partner universities in U.S. on study tours. We also prepare them for corporate jobs.

The latest placements of our students include Mr. Kranti Kumar in Amazon.com, Mr. Bhaskar in Tata Consultancy Services and Mr. Anupam Jena in Cognizant.

What's more?  

If there is a student who has the brilliance but cannot afford to pay his fees, we facilitate loans for him. We also offer scholarships to the deserving students.

It is a fabulous educational opportunity at IBS.

Do not miss it.  Choose IBS, your gateway to the Business World!


Dr Joab Lohara, Ph D





Dear Friends,

People often ask how we can provide quality education when our fee structure is so low.

Further it blows them up to know that we send our students abroad on study tours at no extra cost.

Most importantly, what they probably do not know about IBS is that it is a peaceful, ragging free campus. Students learn to respect and help one another from day one. Senior students help juniors get accustomed to the campus culture while the juniors appreciate and respect their elders.

Girls students are treated like our daughters, and so sisters to the boys.  IBS creates an ambience where the campus community feels safe and happy.


Our commitment to the poor is time-tested.  A low fee structure is designed so those who have genuine interest for higher education with high academic records might not be deprived.

IBS offers fee subsidy, scholarships and study loans to facilitate deserving students take up oncampus programs. It creates an environment for everyone to feel elited and welcomed.

2017-18 admissions are open for MBA and PGDM. PGDM will be a new course on campus. We are adding this course under "McKenna College of Management"  from this year. We invite you to please visit our campus and get a first hand feel of beauty, friendship and congeniality. 

To reserve your seat, contact:

+91 770 20 55 677, Or send a requerst to: ibssolipet@gmail.com

When you plan to join IBS, come with your passport.  If you maintain a good academic record and are good at communication, You could be in 2017-Team that will visit USA in September this year. Priority is given to first year students.


With Hope,














FIVE OF OUR top ranking students - Nancy, Anupam, Sowmya,                 Ravi Kumar and Shrikanth - travelled to USA in October 2016 and spent three weeks observing American education system and foreign business culture. Among the colleges they visited are Seattle Pacific University in Washington, Spring Arbor University in Michigan, Greenville College in Illinois and Roberts Wesleyan College in New York. They also attended the stock trading classes and visited major corporate houses such as Microsoft, Star Bucks, Boeing, etc. 



We are proud of our students.  


IBS has a number of parter Universities abroad. Every year our MBA students are sent overseas at the expense of the college for a lifetime experience in foreign business and education. It gives them the much needed confidence, understanding of foreign work culture and an opportunity to enhance their creativity. By the time they graduate, they are ready to take on the challenges of the business world.



At IBS, it is not just about brains on the stick. We lead way ahead in interpersonal impact, entreprenuerial training and global exposure.

We provide scholarships to deserving students and study loans to the needy so they may pursue their dream.


For more information on how you may avail this opportunity, call:            

+91 770 20 55 677, Or email: ibssolipet@gmail.com


Dr. Joab Lohara                                                                              




Your Passport to Business World!



 From left: Srikanth (II year MBA), Sowmya (I year MBA), Ravi Kumar (II year MBA), Nancy (I year MBA), and Anupam (II year MBA). All set to visit USA on October 3, 2016


Dear Friends,

The picture above is of those students who are travelling to U.S.A. on the night of October 3, 2016 to visit our partner universities such as Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, Washington; Spring Arbor University, Spring arbor, Michigan; Greenville College, Greenville, Illinois and Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, New York.

They will also be visiting several business firms including Microsoft, Boeing, and Starbucks. The purpose of the trip is to familiarize our students with foreign work culture, Western education system and international businesses.

IBS is a home to brilliant yet poor students.  Our passion is to provide equal opportunity to the poor and the rich to pursue higher education. We make international standard education convenient and foreign travel easier.  Those students who have never ever taken a flight and those who cannot think of travelling overseas are given the opportunity to take up a study tour at the cost of the college.

It could be that you will be our next candidate to board the flight when you join IBS.

There are many MBA colleges in and around Hyderabad but Immanuel Business School is one that you might like to choose because of its commitment to develop careers.

Look at some of the amazing features:

  •  At IBS, it is not just about Brains on the Stick.  We lead way ahead in interpersonal impact, entrepreneurial training and global exposure.
  • There are not many MBA colleges in India that send students abroad at the expense of the college. IBS has short-listed 10 meritorious students this year who will be travelling to USA on educational tour. They will visit our partner Universities in Michigan, New York and Seattle, and also observe international businesses in giant companies like Boeing, Google, Microsoft, etc.
  • With high standard ethics and character building activities, girl students are safer in IBS campus. In fact, I as the chairperson treat them as my own daughters.
  • We provide educational loans up to rupees 2 lakhs and scholarships to deserving students.
  •  We ensure 100% placements
  • Employment oriented courses are taught to prepare students for corporate jobs right from the first semester
  • Planned Mentoring by skilled faculty and Corporate professionals 

Do you need anything else to build your career?  

Two of our students, Elvis Daniel and Avinash Christie, have moved overseas to pursue higher studies in U.S.A.

Utkalika from 2012 batch is a trainer in APPCO in India.

Many of our students are placed in companies like Genpact, Bajaj Automobile, Netlogics, United Health Group, ICICI Bank, etc., Suman Peddapally being the recent addition in Genpact.

Some have become entrepreneurs, giving employment to others.

We are committed to giving a career to our students – a career that brings fulfillment.

We therefore invite you to this Global Center for academic excellence, your Gateway to a startling World of Business!

Please call us today for more information: +91 770 20 55 677. Or write to the Principal: ibssolipet@gmail.com



Dr. Joab Lohara, Ph. D.




Dear Friends,


It is a proud moment for IBS. Six of our students with Assistant Professor Sosan Bhushan are travelling in the U.S.A. at the moment. They will be visiting Spring Arbor University in Michigan, Seattle Pacific University in Washington and Roberts Wesleayan College in Rochester, New York, besides many companies like Boeing and Microsoft.

Our students do not pay for this tour. We send top ranking MBA students abroad at the expense of the college, giving them an opportunity to learn foreign work culture and for global exposure.

You could be our next student to travel abroad if you joined IBS today.


We stand for International exposures 


Located in the eastern suburbs of Hyderabad, IBS strives consistently to benchmark with the best. The kind of international exposures we offer to our students can be matched only by a few colleges in the country. 



In addition to our well qualified faculty members, foreign professors are invited to teach every semester. Hundreds of overseas students visit our campus every year to learn from Indian business and culture. These coveted foreign connections prepare our students not just academically but bring in extra confidence to communicate with native English speakers with ease and comfort when they travel abroad on educational tours or face an interview in the corporates. 


We also facilitate foreign trips for our students and faculty every year. This has been possible because IBS has become an official partner of many foreign Universities including Spring Arbor University, Michigan; Seattle Pacific University, Washington; and Greenville College, Illinois.


We stand for high standard character building

When students step into IBS campus, we treat them as our children. We want to make sure their character is transformed, their creativity enhanced and they are carefully guided into a career. 100 per cent of our graduates in 2014 have landed jobs in many multi-national companies.


We stand for individual attention

In all our programs, personal attention is the key to improvement; every student is known by his/her name. Our unique approach to career management focuses on the students, their background and their post-MBA goals.


We stand for University Vision

When you enter Immanuel Business School today, you are not just entering a Post Graduate College campus. The vision is bigger – it will be Immanuel University one day! You will witness several other Master’s level programs added from this year like B. Ed, MSW, Mass Communication, etc.


We stand for most affordable options

Our total on-campus tuition cost is as low as Rs.75,000 per year (only Rs.37,500 per semester), making IBS perhaps the most affordable option among the top ranking colleges. We also provide scholarships to poor, deserving students.


We stand for superior choice

See for yourself why IBS is a superior choice for your education in management leadership. Please visit our website at www.ibssolipet.com to register for 2015 MBA, schedule a campus visit or sign up for career guidance classes.


You may also call our student counselors on these numbers: 770 20 55 677/ 770 20 55 399/ 040-27175308. Or email your request to: ibssolipet@gmail.com



Thank you for choosing IBS.


With Regards,

Bishop Joab Lohara, Ph. D.

Founding Chairman


Please contact IBS Administrative Office for more information:


Admissions: 770 20 55 399, 770 20 55 677

City Office: 040 - 2717 5308, 94406 91108

Email: ibssolipet@gmail.com

At IBS, World Class Education

Comes to Your Doorstep!



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 As result of the International Seminar on New Trends in Business Management organized by IBS in January 2018, academically high research papers presented at the seminar have been approved by the editorial committee to be printed in a book form with ISBN. The manuscripts will be going to the press soon and the books will be available by the first week of July 2018.

To book your copy, please call the Principal: 770 20 55 677

We are also pleased to announce our next International Conference to be held in January 2019 at IBS campus. Please watch out for details. 










January 22-23, 2018


Chief Guest Prof. Prabhu Kumar delivering inaugural address at the International Conference. Other dignatories on dias (from left): Dr Sandra Kirthy, Dr. David Goodnight, Bishop Dr. Joab Lohara, Dr. Rob McKenna and Dr Joey Collins

2018 at IBS began with some mega events, one of them being the International Conference on New Trends in Business Management.

The Conference was organized at the celebration hall in the beautiful  IBS campus at Solipet: January 22-23, 2018.

Professor Prabhu Kumar of JNTU-Hyderabad was the chief guest. Dr. Rob McKenna and Dr. Joey Collins of Seattle Pacific University, USA, were among the resource persons.

Among others who spoke at the anaugural service were Founder-Chairman of Immanuel Group of Institutions Bishop Joab Lohara and Dr. David Goodnight of U.S.A.

Some of the participants

Thirty five research papers were presented at the conference in different fields of specialization. Certificates of participation were given away in the last session by Mr. Steve Roe, an U.S. based industrialist.

The editorial committee under the guidance of Prof. Ramesh Miryala of Mahatma Gandhi University is finalizing the review of the papers presented at this conference. Selected papers will be published in the form of a book with ISBN. 

Mr. Steve Roe, a U.S. Businessman with IBS faculty at the Award ceremony

We are grateful to Prof. Prabhu Kumar and Prof. Ramesh Miryala for their encouragement and guidance in organizing the event; and Dr. Rob McKenna, Dr. Joey Collins, David Goodnight and Steve Roe for their participation.

The response of the participants was overwhelming.




SAU students flaunting Indian saris 

IBS pulsates with activities in January every year. This year it is no different!

This is not admission time - it is learning time. Eighteen students and two professors from Spring Arbor University, USA arrived on campus on January 11 for a 4-day visit.

The primary purpose of their visit was to learn Indian culture. They interacted with our students, and participated in flying kites, and in games like cricket, kabadi, volley ball, etc. Kabadi was quite new to them but they were quick learners.

Students enjoying Hyderabadi Biryani at the spacious dinning area

They asked questions about the culture and everything they saw around them.

Doing Mehendi and wearing sari for girls was really fun. Even boys enjoyed mehendi on their hands. Trying to convince them that it was meant only for girls did not make any sense. Since it looked like tattoos after mehendi dried, the boys could not resist the idea of having some mehendi marks on them.


They had a camp fire on the last day with music and songs. They also did a bit of ramp walk. Finally they were treated to delicious Hyderabadi Biryani for dinner.

These opportunities do not come on campus every day when foreign university students mingle with our own for the whole purpose of learning from one another. All the faculty, staff and students of IBS enjoyed every bit of it and played a wonderful host.


We are sorry for all those who missed it.

The Big Event, our Commencement Ceremony is scheduled January 27, 2018.  All graduating students of the Academy are advised to invite their family and friends to this special event of the year.





Govt. Whip Smt. Gongidi Sunitha Garu addressing the audience


IBS celebrated its 5th Annual Day on Saturday, January 28, 2017. Honorable Govt. Whip Smt. Gongidi Sunitha Garu was chief guest.

Addressing the audience that comprised of students, parents, professors, friends of Immanuel Academy and media, she appreciated the educational opportunity offered by Immanuel Academy and assured all her help from the government since the college was situated in her own constituency.

The chief guest also participated in the distribution of sarees to the widows and elderly organized by AIM ASIA.

Dr. David Goodnight brought the greetings on behalf of Friends of Immanuel Academy. Dr. Joey Collins, Professor of Psychology, Seattle Pacific University, delivered the commencement speech. Bishop Dr. Joab Lohara, Founder-Chairman of Immanuel Academy, gave away the awards.

IBS students rendered a beautifully choreographed welcome dance on the occasion. Students of our partner University, SPU, honored the chief guest and guests of honors with garlands and shawls. 


It has been five years since IBS was established at Solipet with a view to provide higher education to the underprivileged.    

We have sent out 3 cohorts of graduates by now; another is just completing.   

Most of our graduates are placed in multi-national companies and making a good career. Some have landed jobs in the government too, while some others have become entrepreneurs.  A few have even gone abroad to pursue higher studies in the U.S.A. 

Since its inception, IBS has been sending its top ranking students abroad every year for an exposure to international business and foreign culture at the cost of the college.     

We have invited parents and our alumni to the ensuing celebration on 28 January. It will be a special day.  It will be a homecoming for the former students. The parents will be happy to see the progress of the students and the development of the campus. 

Leadership seminar at IBS being led by Professor of Management Dr. Rob McKenna, Dean of Seattle Pacific University, USA

Psychology Professor Joey Collins of Seattle Pacific University, U.S.A. delivers a lecture at IBS. 

There will be many foreign delegates, students and professors on campus. It will be a rare opportunity to interact with them and get a feel of the global culture.    

IBS stands for quality and creativity. We strive to bring world class education to your doorstep.

It has been our passion to offer quality education and teach values of life.








Smt. G D Aruna, IAS, arrives in IBS campus 


Haritha Haram program was organized at Immanuel Business School campus on Friday, July 22, 2016. Smt. G. D. Aruna, IAS, Commissioner of B.C.Welfare department of the Government of Telangana was the Chief Guest. The Program began at 11:00 AM with planting of saplings. Three hundred saplings were planted.  The commissioner addressed the students and faculty of IBS at the end and encouraged them to contribute to the building of the nation through their education and talents.  


Smt. Aruna with Chairman, Principal, & some students of IBS


 Smt. Aruna, IAS, begins Haritha Haram at IBS






Immanuel Business School celebrating Independence Day! 

: “SOLIPET? Where is it?” 

 : “Well, that is where IBS is!” 

: “But where is it? Is it near Nalgonda town?” 

 : “Absolutely on a wrong GPS, like a friend was recently!” 

A friend of ours who wanted to visit IBS landed in Nalgonda town and called us over phone.  

“My GPS guided me all the way to Nalgonda town when I wanted to come to your college? Where is it in Nalgonda?” he sounded desperate.  

“Oh, my word!” blurted the receptionist as questions boggled her mind. “Why should the GPS lead him to Nalgonda town?”  

This is the same question that many students face when they look for IBS, especially the ICET students. They want to choose IBS, but our ICET code “IBSS” transports them to Nalgonda district online.  

Sorry, friends. Tucked away in the plains near Keesara, we found 18 acres of land in a serene atmosphere, just goodlier for a college campus. We purchased it with a plan to develop a University. There are many engineering colleges around it. 

Today, it is a beautiful campus with modern infrastructure quite adequate for Post graduate colleges such as College of Business Administration and Education. The campus also has a beautiful central auditorium to seat 1000 people, Guest Houses and separate hostels for boys and girls flanked by lovely landscape with lawns, trees and flower gardens. 

What is true is the district of Nalgonda starts right after Keesara township in the eastern suburb which is about a 20-minute drive from ECIL crossroad and our college campus is another 20 minutes from Keesara.

If your home is in ECIL crossroads, and two of your family members start travelling, one in the direction of Inorbit Mall in Hi-tech city and the other in the direction of where IBS is, the one travelling to IBS will reach faster: beautiful roads (thanks to HMDA), no traffic junctions, no red lights, and no humps. 

What’s more? 

 IBS has college buses that give free ride to the college on all working days from Secunderabad station. The college is residential.  Those who reside in the campus have the luxury of spending more time in the library and computer lab besides after-college interactions (men with men and women with women) and plenty of salubrious fresh air from the nature. This also makes the mentoring more effective.


So why the hang-ups when you are choosing one of the premier B-Colleges in Hyderabad Metro? Choose IBS – it is just in your neighborhood!


The Board of Trustees of AIM ASIA in their recent meeting on January 29, 2016 have resolved to launch a Degree College in Solipet campus. Degree courses like B.A., B.Com and BBA will be introduced during the 2016-17 academic year.  


Our vision is to be one of the top ranking educational institutes in the country and grow up to be a University one day.

 McKenna College of Education and Leadership inaugurated











It is a proud moment for IBS. Six of our students with Assistant Professor Sosan Bhushan went on a three-week educational tour to U.S.A this year. They visited Spring Arbor University in Michigan, Seattle Pacific University in Washington and Roberts Wesleayan College in Rochester, New York, besides many companies like Boeing and Microsoft.

It has been the most highlighted feature of our college every year.  We want our students to visit overseas. The students do not pay for this tour. The college sends top ranking MBA students abroad at its own expense, giving them an opportunity to learn foreign work culture and get exposed to international businesses. 

You could be our next student to travel abroad if you joined IBS today.


CELEBRATION HALL, Our New Auditorium! 

   Inaguration and commissioning of our new auditorium 'CELEBRATION HALL'!




--- X ---




Our first batch of students graduating this year had the privilege of being interviewed at IBS Campus for positions in various organisations including Genpact, Google, Fiserve, 247 Customer, Cognizant etc. We proudly congratulate our successful students who are now placed or are in the process of taking up their first assignment in these Multinationals.

Mr.Anvesh (Head-Recruitment, 247 Customer, Hyderabad) being received by our students.
Mr.Chaitanya (Director – Hucon Consulting Group) addressing the students.
A group discussion in process…….
Students taking a breather…...
An online test in process……
A personal interview in process…….
Tired but excited and jubilant students after the interviews……






If you are joing IBS this year, it is going to be a real academic treat for you right away in the beginning of the very first semester to sit under the teaching of an International Business Guru.

Professor James Coe of Spring Arbor University, USA, is scheduled to visit IBS from 24 – 30 November 2014.

A Professor of Business, James Coe has taught Autonomous Learning, International Business and Business Ethics for 20 years. During his educational journey, he has served as the Business Department Chair of Taylor University, Indiana and Dean of Gainy School of Business, Spring Arbor University, Michigan. He has also directed a collaborative Business Program with a large Russian State University in Nizhny Novgorod.

He is a sought-after speaker at international symposia and conferences. His published works include “Global Business Leadership” and “Managing to Create an Enterprise”.

Dr. Coe is honored with Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award for 2006 at Regent University and placed in PRINCETON WHO’S WHO of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs, 2009. Among his other honors is the Pushkin Award for Education from Boldino, Russia. 

Dr. Coe has a Master’s in Human Resource Management from National- Louis, Additional Post Graduate Study in International Business at Oxford and a Ph. D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University.

It would be a great honor and a rare opportunity for the MBA students and the faculty to learn from this stalwart academician.






Jared Hill, Director of Global Operations, Tedford/Tellico Inc., U.S.A. is at IBS for the last two days. Jared arrived here on July 9, 2014 and taught the MBA students on International Business. Q & A sessions with him were of enormous interest. He fielded questions on a number of issues relating to global business and American culture.

After his time at IBS, Jared will be going to see his wife in New Delhi who is involved in training the staff of Accenture. What a connection! Through Jared and his wife, IBS has now access to two more MNCs: Tedford/Tellico and Accenture.

Thank you, Jared!

True to our promise, we bring world class education to your doorstep.

Among other professors who will be visiting IBS this year are Professor Chandra in September from Westmont College, California and Professor James Coe in November from Spring Arbor University, Michigan, USA.

It would be a rare opportunity for any Business School to hear these Management Gurus.

 Please contact IBS Administrative Office for more information:

Admissions: 770 20 55 399, 770 20 55 677

City Office: 040 - 2717 5308

Email: ibssolipet@gmail.com

At IBS, World Class Education

Comes to Your Doorstep!


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